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Student Testimonials

Ellyn Jones
Ellyn Jones
Major: Psychology
Class of 2013

Ellyn Jones, a psychology major from Wilmington, DE, knew she wanted to play field hockey at Neumann University but she didn’t realize how much that experience would enrich her life.  In addition to bonding with her fellow teammates, Jones reached out and helped others in the community.

“The field hockey team did the Janet Massey Breast Cancer Run.  Also, we went to Drexel Neumann Academy (an elementary school in Chester, PA) and did a gym class. We rounded up our old field hockey sticks for the kids. I was nice to bring something different for them to learn,” she said.

Jones came from a small, Christian high school and really benefited from that environment.  When she was looking for a college, she knew wanted something similar.

“I didn’t want to have my classes in big auditoriums. Neumann University is so different and personal. My teachers here are awesome and really helpful,” explained Jones. “When I visited here it just felt right. It clicked for me. Neumann’s slogan ‘Uniquely Personal’ is really true. The teachers take their time to get to know you and they guide you. I love the close-knit community here.”

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