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Stephanie Fronczak
Stephanie Fronczak
Major: International Business/
Business Administration

Class of 2013

A double major in International Business and Business Administration, Stephanie Fronczak has an internship that she considers a perfect match with her career plans. She's an International Trade Associate with the U.S. Department of Commerce office in Philadelphia.

The junior from Magnolia, NJ, spends most of her 16 hours per week at the USDOC doing market research on countries across the globe. Clients of the Department of Commerce continually need updates on the economic situation in countries with which they trade. Using special government websites and databases, Stephanie is among a host of people who make sure that the status reports on those countries are as accurate and objective as possible.

She has also been involved in a project to promote a series of Department of Commerce seminars to businesses in the region. Stephanie matches seminar topics with profiles of local businesses, calls the business offices to assess interest, and follows up to offer assistance when needed.

Dr. Mehdi Hojjat, who teaches international business and marketing, was pivotal in helping Stephanie land her internship. "He told me about it, gave me the background I needed, and showed me how to apply," she explains. "He's a great advisor, and he believes in me."

A graduate of Triton High School in New Jersey, Stephanie first heard about Neumann University at a college fair. "When my mom and I visited campus, I got a great vibe. I like small classes, and I saw lots of opportunities here. That day, on the way home, I told my mom that this is where I wanted to go to college."

With an internship that's providing her with career experience and job contacts, Stephanie is glad she made that choice. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in international trade or corporate management.

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