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Residence Life

Housing Placement Information


In order to provide greater clarity to current and prospective students, their parents, and the Neumann University community, Residence Life uses the following protocols in maintaining and processing student housing needs.


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Upper Class Housing

First Year and Transfer Housing

Mid-Semester and Late Assignments

Waiting Lists

Room Changes

Specialty Housing

Summer and Break Housing


Upper Class Housing is secured and assigned primarily by the Spring Housing Lottery, Apartment lottery* and documented medical needs (i.e. wheel chair accessibility). Students who do not show up and/or do not participate in the housing lottery are waitlisted. 


Upper class housing includes:


~ Four-person apartments (2 per side) in the Buoni Apartments:
Houses 17, 18 and 19;


~ Six-person suites (3 per side) and six-person apartments (3 per side) in Living and Learning Center I: Houses 1, 2 and 3;


~ Four-person suites (2 per side) in Living and Learning Center III:
Houses 10, 12 and 14;

Information about the Spring Housing Lottery is available in December of the previous semester and continues until the Lottery of that year. Please look for newsletters, parent and student mailings, house meetings, and informational sessions throughout this time.

*Apartments are reserved primarily for Seniors and Juniors involved in at least one extracurricular activity and in good standing both academically and behaviorally.

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First Year and Transfer Student Housing is secured and assigned primarily by deposit date, distance and documented medical needs. All incoming first year and transfer students begin their process through the Office of Admissions.
First year and transfer student housing includes:

~ Six-person suites (3 per side) in Living and Learning Center II: Houses 6, 7 and 8; Living and Learning Center I: Houses 1, 2 and 3;

~ Four-person suites (2 per side) in Living and Learning Center III: Houses 9, 11 and 13

~ Tripled rooms in Living and Learning Center I: Houses 4 and 5

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Mid-Semester and Late Assignments
The first two weeks of each semester will be used to settle occupancy confirmation and room availability. After this process, unassigned spaces will be used to house students on the waiting list. Room changes are not recommended at this time. Please remember that:

~ Deposits are due at contract signing

~ Mid-semester or late assignment move-ins and room changes will be scheduled Wednesday thru Friday

~ Waitlisted students must respond to a housing offer within three (3) business days

~ Mid-semester or late assignments will be prorated to the scheduled move-in date

~ Mid-semester withdrawals and Change of Status will not be pro-rated

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Waiting Lists
Residence Life maintains three separate and distinct waiting lists:

~ New/first year students

~ Returning students

The Admissions Office forwards their housing waiting lists to the Office of Residence Life at the beginning of each semester. Residence Life adds those names to the appropriate waiting list.

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Room Changes
The Office of Residence Life believes that part of the educational process for resident students is living in community. However, roommate conflicts are bound to arise as students matriculate through college. While empowering students through conflict mediation, the Office of Residence Life hopes that students and parents are open to these steps that are engineered to engender not only the mission of the university but also equip students with life skills necessary for success. Residence Life conducts most room changes during breaks of the academic year and at the end of each semester. Room changes are not recommended the first two weeks of the semester.


Routinely, these are the steps preceding a room change:

~ Resident Assistant(s) lead a conversation with occupants to complete or revisit Roommate Agreement.

~ Residence Life Coordinator mediates conflict between residents and a Roommate Contract is drafted. At this meeting, students, aided by professionals, develop long term and short term solutions to on-going conflict.

~ Conflicting residents will meet with Residence Life Coordinator and Director of Residence Life to discuss the possibility of a room change.

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Specialty Housing

~ Women’s Wing: Clare House 1 in LLC I is the Women’s Wing. Comprised of 56 upper class females, it is named for St. Clare.

~ Sophomore Housing: Greccio House 3 in LLC I will house sophomore students next fall and focus on academic enrichment and support as well as social and spiritual development.

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Summer and Break Housing

Summer Housing is available for students registered for Summer I or II classes, employed by the university, or in the service to the university. Summer housing contracts are made available after the Spring Lottery. There is limited visitation during summer housing and no overnight visitation.

Break housing is limited to athletes, international students and students employed by the university or in the service to the university. There is no visitation during break housing.

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