Some things to talk about with your roommie:


Somebody's Been Eating My Food

May roommates borrow food from one another?
If so, how soon should it be replaced or paid for?

QUIET! I’m trying to get some sleep! 

When do you typically go to bed and wake up?
How about having a light on while the other roommate is asleep?


Isn't that my Jacket?

What about sharing and borrowing personal items such as clothes, cds, skis?
Are items such as stereos, TVs or the microwave off limits or for mutual use?
Is permission required for all items or just certain ones?


Meet Our New Roommate

How do you feel about an overnight guest?
How often may guests come and how long may guests stay?
Where do guests sleep? Is there a difference between guests and boyfriends/girlfriends staying the night?
How often may they stay?


Quiet, I'm Studying
What's your definition of noise? What's loud and what isn't?
What kind of music do you like to listen to?
At what times should noise be minimized so others may study or sleep?
Is absolute quiet needed in order to study? How important are grades?


Smoking and Drinking

How do you feel about smoking and drinking/partying? (NOT IN YOUR ROOM) :-)  __________________________________________________________________________________

You Are So Messy!

What are your standards of cleanliness? How clean should the place be kept?


You Didn't tell me that Publisher's Clearing House Called?

What about telephone and general messages? Where should they be kept?
How do you respond to a roommate's calls?




I have read, discussed, and agreed to abide by the standards set here and that have been discussed,
and will strive to practice respect for my roommate.


Signed:          Roommate  A  ________________________________________  Date ____________

Roommate  B  ________________________________________  Date _____________