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Tuition Billing and Payment Plans


Graduate Tuition per credit, 2013 - 2014

Master's Tuition - per credit:  
Accounting: $549
Education: $640
   cohort course $1,375.50 per 3 credit course
Nursing: $640
Organizational & Strategic Leadership: $640
Pastoral Counseling: $640
Sport & Entertainment Management:


Discount of 20% offered to all full-time Archdiocese employees for those graduate programs listed above not already reduced in cost.

Doctoral Tuition - per credit:  


Pastoral Counseling: $758
Physical Therapy:


Business Office

How am I billed for my course?
Once the graduate department representative has enrolled you for a course a charge is automatically generated in the Business Office. Payment is typically due by the first class, with payment options described below. Normally, there is enough time for a bill to be generated and sent to you by mail however, if you registered close to the start of classes, the bill may not reach you in time. Because you are still responsible for this payment, we recommend being proactive and contacting the Business Office to see how much you owe on your account. You can reach the Business Office at 610-558-5505.

What are my payment options?

Our Business Office has several options for paying tuition that you can arrange in advance. There are three forms which are used for these options. These include:

  • Deferral Plan: This partial deferral allows the student to pay one-half the tuition and fees at the publicized due date, with the balance due in two payments later in the semester. Late payment fines apply to missed payments. A $40.00 fee is charged for the Tuition Deferral option.

  • Higher Education Services - HES: This 10-month payment plan starts June 1st and extends through March 1st. Students may budget Fall and Spring semester expenses into 10 equal payments. See the brochure in the Business Office for further information regarding this plan. An annual fee which can vary from year to year is charged for this option.

  • Employer-Reimbursement: Typically students are responsible for paying the first semester. After the first semester, the student would be eligible to receive an extension for payment as long as:

  1. A letter is provided from your employer, on company letterhead, stating your eligibility, the percentage of reimbursement and grade needed for reimbursement. This letter is only needed once a year and is valid through August 31 from time of remittance.

  2. A $20 employer reimbursement fee is due upon receipt of letter

Methods of Payment

The Business Office accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards (this process can be done in-person), debit cards and MAC. Personal checks, certified checks, money orders and cash are also accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please call the Business Office at 610-558-5505.



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