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Faculty Focus ~ Snapshots

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Dorothy A. Bredehoft, SSJ, Ed.D, Assistant Professor of English

Randall L. Detra,  Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Melissa Dougherty, Student, Neumann College

Cynthia Ferraro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education

Mehdi Hojjat, Ph.D., Professor of International Business and Finance

Jim Kain, M.A., Assistant Professor of English

María José Martín, D.M.A., Associate Professor, Music

Jonathan Peri, Esq. , Legal Department

Andrea Pent, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sport Management



snapshot Jonathan Peri, Esq., Legal Department

Jonathan Peri, Esq., has recently written "The Wisdom of Employed General Counsel in Higher Education," which is expected to be published between December and January by the Widener University Law Journal. The following is an Abstract:


“The Wisdom of Employed General Counsel in Higher Education” offers the perspective of cost savings to higher education institutions that hire in-house legal counsel. The first half is a cost-benefit analysis, and the second half discusses the savings of preventative lawyering and the diverse utility of in-house attorneys to the benefit of higher education institutions.

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snapshot María José Martín, D.M.A., Associate Professor, Music

María José Martín, D.M.A., played a piano duo program with pianist Christopher Bradshaw. This program included some of the audience's favorite works for four hands, one piano:


Waltz of the Flowers (from the Nutcracker)   

by Tchaikovsky

Fantasy in F        

by Schubert

Jupiter (from the Planets)  

by Holst

Two Spanish Dances    

by Falla

Rhapsody in Blue     

by Gershiwn

We performed at Neumann University on October 17 and at Saint Monica's Church in Berwyn
on November 15, 2008.

For more information, you can visit our website: www.bradshawmartinduo.com

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snapshot Mehdi Hojjat, PhD, Professor of International Business and Finance
  1. Book Publishing 

As I indicated in my request for sabbatical, one of my objectives was to complete a manuscript for a possible publication. However, I’ve had a good fortune to receive a book contract from a publishing company just as my sabbatical started and more importantly I was able to persuade my wife, Dr. Tahereh Hojjat (Associate Professor at DeSales University), in becoming the co-author of the book. I completed the first draft in July 2008, and the book, in its preliminary form, was first published in August 2008. The final version of the book (2009 Edition) will be published in December 2008.

The title of the book is:  The Business Strategy Simulation, Strategic Planning and Business Simulation. The following is a summary of the purpose of the book:


“One of the most challenging aspects of teaching senior seminar or capstone courses is providing students with ample opportunity for practice and reviews all aspects of businesses.  Using this textbook solve this problem as it provides excellent learning opportunities for students to utilize their  finance, accounting, international business, production management, human resources, economics and marketing.”

“The first segment of the book provides a user friendly methodology for students to develop strategic plans for local companies. The second part of the book contains business cases and applications in different business disciplines.”

“This book is a rich store of teaching resources for instructors, including power point slides, sample questions and a CD-ROM that contains the cases database in Excel format.”



      2. Collaboration with Romanian-American University

In the first week of March 2008, my wife and I were invited by the Romanian-American University in Bucharest to deliver a series of lectures about globalization, international economies, international business and financial markets. The focus of my presentations was on “U.S. Current Account Deficit, Deficits and its Implication in the Global Era."

We delivered our lectures in the mornings and in the evenings were invited to the tours of castles, Parliament Building, opera houses and fine dining. It was the maximum hospitality that we had ever experienced in a long time (having a Persian heritage, this is quite a statement).

Here is what Alexandra Coman*, a lecturer at Romanian-American University, wrote about her experience with our lectures.  


“In early March, 2008, Bucharest is celebrating the days of “Mărtisor.” A city bathed in spring sun, welcoming its visitors with flowers and “mărtisoare," the white and red intertwined threads worn by women, symbols of rebirth and fresh beginnings. It is, undoubtedly, a happy occurrence that Dr. Mehdi & Tahereh Hojjat’s first visit to Romania should take place during these days.”

“On the occasion of Dr Hojjats’ visit, the Romanian members of the intercultural teams get to experience what their American counterparts have access to every week: live lectures by the American professors; lectures bringing interactivity to an exciting new level.”

“Fulfilling all expectations, the lectures were dynamic and involving. Active participation was encouraged; all opinions matter, the bold and the timid alike. No question is discouraged, no contribution without worth.”

* With our assistance, Alexandra Coman is now a PH.D student at Lehigh University
with full scholarship.


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snapshot Randall L. Detra,  Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry


Metal Poisons in Golf Courses: A Danger You Should Know About
(To see entire article as a .pdf file, click on above title)

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snapshot Melissa Dougherty, Student, Neumann College

Andrea Pent, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sport Management


Marketing College Sports in Large Markets:
Toward a Model of the Value of College Sport to Community

(To see entire article as a .pdf file, click on above title)

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Dorothy A. Bredehoft, SSJ, Ed.D, Assistant Professor of English

Cynthia Ferraro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education


As a collaborative team, Dr. Dorothy Bredehoft, SSJ, and Dr. Cynthia Ferraro presented on November 14, 2008, at the Drexel University Faculty Technology Showcase. Their presentation included samples of the hybrid /blended courses they use and how they utilize on-line learning in their courses. Hybrid/blended courses allow the professor to diversify lectures and display more information that can enhance student learning. Their presentation included describing a number of advantages over face-to-face teaching and how the flexibility of the hybrid/blended format provides faculty the opportunity to incorporate new types of learning activities that are not possible in traditional classes. The collaborative team further explained how hybrid/blended courses aid both professors and students in developing time management skills, critical thinking, and technical skills. 

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snapshot Jim Kain, M.A., Assistant Professor of English


Jim Kain, M.A., has published a collection of original poetry called Coming to My Senses

In the Introduction, he describes Coming to My Senses as "a collection of poems written over many years, so they cover a wide range of subjects and styles. Writing poems for me has always been an experiment, an extension of awareness, a searching into the internal life of emotion and thought.  Poetry is a search and a celebration, a revelation, not an explanation or a comment on the world, but rather a discovery of the inner life of thought and consciousness - a coming to my senses - and a reawakening of something with reverence."

It is available by request from the publisher HERE or from local or online bookstores such as amazon.com, Borders, or Barnes & Noble.



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