Neumann University - Chemical Hygiene Plan


Appendix VI


Chemical Storage Compatibility








Chemical Compatibility Guidelines


These guidelines are incomplete and apply only to chemicals(left column) in the Neumann University chemical inventory.


Chemical                                             Incompatible with


Acetic acid                                           Chromic acid, nitric acid, hydroxyl compounds,

                                                            ethylene glycol, perchloric acid, peroxides,



Acetone                                               Hydrogen peroxide, concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid mixtures


Alkali and alkaline earth                        Water, carbon tetrachloride, other chlorinated

metals (powdered aluminum,                 hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, halogens

magnesium, calcium, lithium,

modium, potassium


Ammonium nitrate                                 Acids, powdered metals, flammable liquids,

                                                            chlorates, nitrites, sulfur, finely divided organic

                                                            combustible materials


Aniline                                                  Nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide


Arsenicals                                             Any reducing agent


Azides                                                  Acids


Chemical                                             Incompatible with



Bromine                                               Ammonia, acetylene, butadiene, butane

                                                            methane, propane, hydrogen, sodium carbide,

                                                            benzene, finely divided metals, turpentine


Calcium oxide                                       Water


Carbon, activated                                 Calcium hypochlorite, all oxidizing agents


Carbon tetrachloride                             Sodium


Chlorates                                              Ammonium salts, powdered metals, finely

                                                            divided organic or combustible materials


Chromic acid,                                       Acetic acid, naphthalene, camphor, glycerol

Chromium trioxide                                alcohol, flammable liquids


Copper                                                Acetylene, hydrogen peroxide


Flammable liquids                                 Ammonium nitrate, chromic acid, hydrogen

                                                            peroxide, nitric acid, sodium peroxide, halogens           


Hydrocarbons                                      Halogens, chromic oxide, sodium peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide                               Copper, chromium, iron, most metals and their

                                                            Salts, alcohols, acetone, organic materials, aniline, nitromethane, combustible materials


Hypochlorites                                       Acids, activated carbon


Iodine                                                   Acetylene, ammonia (aq. & anhyd.), hydrogen


Nitrates                                                Sulfuric acid


Nitric acid(conc.)                                  Acetic acid, aniline, chromic acid, hydrogen sulfide, flammable liquids and gases, copper, brass, heavy metals


Nitrites                                                 Acids


Oxalic acid                                           Silver, mercury


Potassium chlorate                                Sulfuric acid, other acids


Chemical                                             Incompatible with


Potassium perchlorate                           Sulfuric acid, other acids


Potassium permanganate                       Glycerol, ethylene glycol, benzaldehyde,

                                                            Sulfuric acid


Silver                                                    Acetylene, oxalic acid, tartaric acid, ammonium compounds, fulminic acid


Sodium nitrite                                       Ammonium nitrate and other ammonium salts


Sodium peroxide                                  Ethyl and methyl alcohols, glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride, benzaldehyde, carbon disulfide,

                                                            glycerin, ethylene glycol, ethyl acetate, methyl acetate, furfural


Sulfides                                                Acids


Sulfuric acid                                          Potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate, potassium permanganate