This policy applies to all science laboratory courses offered at Neumann University. Each laboratory course has an additional laboratory safety sheet that is specific for that course. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE SAFETY POLICY SHEET and sign the statement at the end. A student may not perform laboratory work unless the Laboratory Safety Policy and specific course Laboratory Safety Rules Sheet have been signed and submitted to the laboratory instructor.



Students must be aware of these overall safety requirements for laboratory courses and be prepared to be in compliance with these requirements.


Students must

        Know and appropriately implement safety regulations for specific science laboratory courses.

        Know the location of all safety features in a laboratory area, including, but not limited to, fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, fire blankets and spill control agents.

        Never bring food, beverages or tobacco into the laboratory areas at any time, whether or not a laboratory course is in session.

        Wear personal protective clothing and/or equipment, which is appropriate for the nature of the specific laboratory course, at all times during a laboratory session.

        Take precautions to prevent exposure of self and others to hazardous materials, including proper disposal.

        Initiate appropriate emergency response measures when required.

        Never begin laboratory work until instructions are completed at each laboratory session.




Any student who has a medical condition/disability (such as, but not limited to, severe allergy, asthma, pregnancy, etc.) that may interfere with his/her ability to perform in the laboratory course must notify each laboratory instructor. The following information must be submitted 1) a statement of intent to continue the laboratory course during the semester, and 2) a letter that states the student has discussed enrollment in each laboratory course with his/her attending physician/medical practitioner


In order to earn course credits, the student must meet the course objectives. If, at any time, the physician/medical practitioner and the student decide that the activities of the student must be limited, written documentation from the physician/medical practitioner must be given to the laboratory course instructor. The science faculty will determine whether the limitation can be accommodated in a manner that would permit the student to successfully achieve the course objectives and satisfy the requirements of the course. Medical conditions which prevent achievement of course objectives will necessitate a medical withdrawal of the student from the course.


A student who has identified a medical condition/disability that may interfere with the ability to perform in the laboratory must submit the required documentation prior to participating in any laboratory work. A student who becomes aware of a medical condition/disability during the course of the semester must inform the instructor as soon as possible and provide all necessary written information. Any student with a medical condition/disability performing laboratory work without informing the course instructor or his/her own physician/medical practitioner must take full responsibility for any consequences.


I have read and understand the policies stated above for laboratory courses.



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Revised June 2006