Neumann University - Chemical Hygiene Plan

APPENDIX II: Safety Training Checklist - Science Department


Responding to an emergency.


_____  Location of emergency phones

_____  Warn people in vicinity

_____  Inform supervisor or faculty member

_____  Location of first aid box

_____  Location of fire alarm pull boxes

_____  Closest fire exits


Work Rules


_____  Work only under direct supervision of lab manager or faculty

_____  Wear proper protective gear: goggles, lab apron, proper clothing, closed tip shoes


Working with Chemicals


_____  Read CHP prior to training and know location of CHP

_____  Know laboratory SOPs

_____  Know location of MSDS binder

_____  Understand how to identify hazards of chemical

_____  Know proper method to transport chemicals

_____  Use of fume hoods

_____  Explain what to do in case of a chemical spill

_____  Explain what to do if a chemical is splashed onto the body

_____  Report all spill or splash incidents to the lab manager or supervising faculty

_____  Know location of eye wash stations and safety shower

_____  Explain label requirements

_____  Know waste disposal requirements


Working with Biohazards


_____  Wear gloves and proper personal protective equipment

_____  Wipe bench top with 10% bleach at end of work session

_____  Dispose of all contaminated materials in biohazard labeled red bags or boxes

_____  Place all “sharps” in biohazard “sharps” container


I have received the training checked above.   

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The above named individual received the training checked above.


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