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Program for Success

What is Program for Success (PFS)?

PFS is an academic support program designed to help probationary and at-risk students at Neumann University. This unique program offers individualized help students need to meet their academic goals. Weekly or bi-weekly academic coaching is the key focus of Program for Success. In its systematic and holistic approach, students learn how to utilize their time and strengths to their fullest potential. PFS supports the Catholic Franciscan mission of the University in recognizing its diverse community of students, sharing the gift of knowledge, and creating life-long learners.

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How does Program for Success help
Neumann University students?

Students who participate in PFS receive personalized assistance in the following areas:


  • Assessment of learning styles

  • Active reading strategies

  • Class and textbook note taking

  • Test preparation and test taking strategies

  • Content thinking

  • Writing support


Through PFS, students develop and apply the following traits during and after their college career:    


  • Personal goal setting

  • Self-motivation

  • Time management

  • Managing academic stress

  • Self- advocacy

  • Developing positive academic demeanor


Consistent meetings with a PFS Advisor are statistically proven effective in raising student GPA.


How to get started in Program for Success:

Contact the Academic Resource Center (ARC) to schedule your first meeting with a PFS advisor. At this meeting you will:


  • Complete a personalized assessment of your current academic habits, strengths and needs

  • Complete a GPA Analysis: Review your current GPA, identify the required GPA for your major, and establish a realistic goal for semester GPA

  • Begin to develop a personal action plan.


In subsequent semester meetings, you will:


  • Develop and maintain a semester planner

  • Identify and discuss course assignments and tasks

  • Map out weekly plans to manage your coursework so you remain on-task in all subjects

  • Assess which courses require intensive support through tutoring and/or supplemental instruction offered in the ARC

  • Practice skills development in reading strategies, note taking, and test preparation.


Program for Success Benefits:

Statistics reveal excellent outcomes for PFS participants:


  • 82% of active students improve semester GPA

  • Average GPA increases with higher number of student meetings

  • Rate of students in good academic standing is higher among active students


Program for Success is located in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) of the Bachman Main Building. Schedule an appointment today to begin achieving the success that other PFS participants experience. 


  • “My PFS advisor’s personal interest in my academic progress motivated me to stay on top of all of my work. It really helped to talk to her about all of my classes every week. I earned a 3.6 this semester!” 


  • “Using a planner with my PFS advisor made me feel in control of my work. I did better in my classes when I knew what to expect.”


  • “I am proud of myself to have brought up my GPA to where it is. I could never have done this without your help and support. ”


  • “I am using the skills that my PFS advisor taught me during the spring semester to help me succeed in my summer classes. It really works!”

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