Disabilities Services

General Procedures for Accommodations


1) The student declares his/her disability with the Disabilities Services Coordinator, providing current documentation from a qualified professional evaluator.

2) The Disabilities Services Coordinator and the student discuss the nature of the disability, the student's compensation strategies, and appropriate accommodation requests.

3) The Disabilities Services Coordinator informs the instructor(s) in writing of the student's request, noting that the Ford Academic Resource Center can, in many cases, assist in implementing accommodations such as tutoring, extended testing times, and quiet rooms.




Students with disabilities are encouraged to act independently and proactively in accommodating their needs. As a result, some students might make requests directly to their instructors. The instructor, if he/she wishes, can make the accommodation with the student. In these cases, the instructor should advise the student to declare the learning disability with the Disabilities Services Coordinator, but it is not necessary that the student and instructor work through the Disabilities Services Coordinator in order to make the accommodations.



If a student is not satisfied with the response to their accommodation request, the student should contact the Disabilities Services Coordinator in the Ford Academic Resource Center as soon as possible, and explain the nature of their needs and the problems with the accommodation. If a problem receiving approved accommodations persists, the student has the right to file a grievance following the general guidelines in the Academic Grievance Procedure in the Neumann University Catalog.



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