Grammar, Punctuation, Style

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Each section below reviews a specific areas of grammar, punctuation, and style

Models are used to show examples of these techniques in practice.

Quick Self Assessment

Begin with a general self assessment to target where you need more practice. The topics listed below will give you the opportunity to increase your skills.


General Rules for Effective Writing Style

An academic writing style is important for most research and report writing.


Usage:: Subjects and Verbs

The most efficient way to learn about grammar is to study specific examples of correct grammar and then test yourself.

Usage: Pronouns

Correct pronouns are characterized by their use: subject, object etc.

 Outlines: Organizing Ideas

A logical outline guides your ideas.

Argument: Specific Point of View

An argument demonstrates that one idea is more or less effective than another.

 Essential Review of Most Challenging Areas.

The following conventions of essay writing are essential!


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For additional assistance, inquire or call

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