Essay & Report Writing

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Each subject below reviews a specific topic for essay and report writing.

Student Models are used to illustrate each type of essay.

In the Beginning

All academic writing: essays, reports, research paper etc. have something in common. Get an overall view and then proceed to the choice of a topic and the development of any type of paper.

A Thesis Statement


A Thesis statement is the guiding principle for all essay writing. It is only one sentence but captures the focus and purpose of the paper.

Keep you essay topic in mind as you see how a thesis works.


General Types of Essays

An essay is the most frequently required writing assignment for all disciplines. Learn the basics and you will be successful in any type of writing.


A summary puts into concise form the main ideas of an issue, article, or any form of writing. A summary ordinarily should be no more than one-fourth the length of the original.




Comparison/contrast writing takes two or more related ideas/topics and compares how these are alike and contrasts how they are different.


A cause and effect essay examines the logical connection between events.


An argument demonstrates that one idea is more or less effective than another.


Grammar, Editing a Final Draft

The following conventions of essay writing are essential for all essays

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