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  Advent Wreath

Year of Faith: Advent


December 5, 2012
Miguel A. Collazo
Sophomore, Criminal Justice


Isaiah 25: 6-10a
Psalm 23: 1- 3a, 3b – 4, 5, 6
Matthew 15: 29 – 37


I took my time reading the texts that were given to me.  I wanted to try and see if I could imagine myself experiencing the things that God and Jesus were doing in the text. I did not really feel anything at first so I read over the text several times to try and open my imagination a little more. After reading the text a few more times I started to understand what I read. I was reminded that God was willing to provide for all the people no matter who they are. Trusting that God will provide for me, for us, gives me great confidence and deepens my belief in God’s love for me. The words that come to mind are “confidence and belief.” 


I did not always have the confidence that I have today while in college. Because of my lack of self-confidence my ability to believe in myself and other people in my life was affected. I know for a fact that I struggled a lot when it came to my education. I struggled so much in fact that I ended getting left back a year in elementary school. It was not easy because I felt like I would never finish my education and never accomplish anything. These scripture readings and my reflection reminded me that I was never alone during my struggles. My mother, father and sister were always there to support me and encourage me. In some ways, I believe that God was by my side no matter was going on in my life. With the help of my family, I was always able to find the confidence to do anything that I set my mind to, no matter how simple or difficult it was at the time. These readings have done something good for me. They remind me that I have my family’s support and even when they are not around I know God, through the power of Jesus, watches over me. Because of my family’s love and God’s love for me, I have grown in self-confidence and believe in my own abilities to accomplish my goals. Just like the way St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi had the confidence to do all the things that they did for God, I also trust!


December 5, 2012
Palmer Trolli
Junior, Athletic Training



Isaiah 25: 6 - 10a
Psalm 23: 1 – 3a, 3b – 4, 5, 6
Matthew 15: 29 - 37


God works in mysterious ways. Humans, typically Americans, have the attitude that if they want something done then they have to do it themselves. If this is true then why do these same people turn to God for their sports team or for getting to work on time? I believe we should let God work in the manner He has to work to protect and serve us. I am not saying it is wrong to pray for these things because I pray for these intentions also; however, these passages are not about the words in the prayers but the belief behind the prayers. The readings describe God coming to the people and making right what needs to be right. God did what needed to be done in His eyes, not because people were crying for Him to help, but because they believed He could help.  

No one can see God but that doesn’t mean He is not there. This Christmas, little kids may not see Santa putting presents under their tree and they do not question it because they simply believe. They scream out every Christmas morning saying, “Thank you, Santa!” That is why I can believe in Santa just as I believe in God. I do not know how all those presents appear that day just as I do not know what I am going to be doing in two hours, but I believe. I have the faith that God is looking out for me and regardless of what I go through, He will be there. I do not know my future; which people will be in it, or what I will be doing, but I have the faith to realize that someone does. My faith teaches me that God is that someone. I do not have to question God for what He does because I know that He will take care of me just as He fed the people when they were hungry and God even provided plenty of left overs! I do not need to question how those left overs appear in my life because I know God knows the answer and He has my back, and for that I thank Him.


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