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  Advent Wreath

Year of Faith: Advent


December 2, 2012
Nicole Thomas
Junior, Elementary/Special Education
and Musical Theater


Jeremiah 33: 14 – 16
Psalm 25: 4-5, 8-9, 10, 14 (1b)
1 Thessalonians 3: 12 – 4:2
Luke 21: 25 – 28, 34 - 36


Reading # 1 – Promise of Restoration
This Sunday of Advent holds a message of hope, a promise to be fulfilled, and the expectation of the second coming of Christ. The scripture reading of Jeremiah 33 acts as a prelude to the season of Advent in that it expresses God’s promise of restoration to His people: He will bless them and restore everything to them that had been taken from them or destroyed. Advent is more than waiting or expecting; it is a time for reforming and correcting our ways to please God and glorify Him to our utmost.  While we are on this earth waiting in expectation, we are to be serving and getting richer in Christ. We can liken this concept to a bottle of aging wine; as it sits it ferments, and the taste becomes richer!  We, much like the bottle of wine, should wait and take advantage of this time by becoming better people for the world, following the example that Christ left for us. How do we do this? I have discovered by waiting on God, by seeking His ways and listening to His still small voice.


Reading # 2: Are you ready? (1 Thessalonians 3:12 – 4:2 and Luke 21:25-28,
God’s Word is clear when the Lord says that He is coming back for His people “without spot or wrinkle” (Eph. 5:25-27). The following poem is my reflection on the readings listed above. These readings reflect the great day of the Coming of Christ in glory.


Are you ready?
Yes, He is coming back, like a thief in the night
The sun, moon, and stars will be in dismay because on that day, He will only come to
take those who have been holy, blameless and upright
Those who have conducted themselves to the glory of God will be rewarded with
redemption and grace and given great honor for running their race
So be vigilant, watch, for the hour is near
Do not become weary and have no fear
Pray to the Lord and be mindful of your state,
For on that day it will be worth the wait
Are you ready?





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