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  Advent Wreath

Year of Faith: Advent


December 14, 2012
Elizabeth Loeper
Assistant Professor, Nursing


Isaiah 48:17-19
Psalm 1:1-2, 3, 4 and 6
Matthew 11:16-19


Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be – we “over-think.” There are so many possibilities, so many distractions, that we can’t make up our minds about what to do or how to act. In today’s Gospel, Jesus even tells us that we are like a bunch of kids who can’t make up their minds about what is good. So we go back and forth, endlessly changing our minds. 


What is good? Isaiah reminds us what God says: “I will teach you. Follow my commandments and your life will flow. We’ll always be in relationship.” During Advent, we wait for the coming of Jesus – who shows us the way to eternal relationship, who embodies goodness, who teaches us to reflect upon the commandments and more importantly, to live them.


Today, there are nine days left until Christmas. We are surrounded by glittery lights and piped in music, traffic, noise, sales, and endless commercial messages to buy the “perfect something” that will surely make the “perfect someone” happy. Which parties will we attend? What will we wear? How will we fit it all in? What do we have to get? What is the “perfect” Christmas? Something we see in a made-for-TV movie? A commercial? There is so much to distract us.


And just as Jesus has said, we are a bunch of kids who can’t make up our minds about what is good. 


God will cut through the chaos. God shows us what is good. Today, let us tune out the manufactured sparkle and noise of the marketplace, find some silence, and go inward. Breathe deeply. Take the time to really think and feel what God is saying:

“Love Me. Love everyone. Do what I tell you to do, and your life will flow.”    



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