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  Advent Wreath

Year of Faith: Advent


December 13, 2012
Lewis Johnson
Senior, Arts Production and Performance



Isaiah 41: 13-20
Psalm 145:1 and 9, 10-11, 12-13ab
Matthew 11:11-15



“I will make of you a threshing sledge, sharp, and new, and double-edged, To thresh the mountains and crush them…”


As I read this reading, I found myself reflecting on my own life, especially with graduation right around the corner. The lines, “I will make of you a threshing sledge, sharp, and new, and double-edged, To thresh the mountains and crush them…,” held a special place in my heart because of the power and strength of the passage as it speaks to me of God’s continuing presence, strength and love for me.


I know that with graduation approaching, I am going to have to face numerous new challenges and obstacles. I trust that God will always be there for me no matter what.  God will help me through my transition from college to another phase of life. Upon further reflection, I am reminded that I should never doubt God and His power because through every problem I have dealt with in almost twenty-two years of life God has never let me down.  He has helped me throughout my entire life and I believe He will always be there for me.


God has given me remarkable gifts and talents to share with others and I try my best each and every day to put forth my best effort in helping others. There are so many people who are going through hard times and I cannot ignore the needs of these people. I may not have all of the answers, but I do have the gift of listening and I believe I am attentive to the needs of others.  All people need the same amount of support that the Lord has given to me.  I trust God will always provide for us, as I heard in the reading, “I will plant in the desert the cedar, acacia, myrtle, and olive…,” just as He plants within each of us all we need to bring about good in our world.


December 13, 2012
Michael Lichenstein
Senior, Sport Entertainment and Management



Isaiah 41:13 – 20
Psalm 145: 1 and 9, 10 – 11, 12 – 13ab
Matthew 11: 11 – 15



Imagine yourself in an office on an autumn day about to meet with someone. Behind the person you are about to meet is a big window with dark grey clouds. You are meeting with this person to talk about how you want to get God back into your life.  You are telling this person your experiences with your former church and how those experiences began to lead you off track and challenge your faith. You want to re-connect with your faith again and have a stronger relationship with God. As you are describing your doubts and your hopes, the big window suddenly lights up. A light fills the room and brightens everything. Suddenly you realize that this is the Lord telling you He has never left and not stopped watching over you. 


This is what happened to me during a meeting with a trusted mentor and it is a moment I will never forget. It is the moment that helped me find my way again. It is amazing how the Lord chooses to talk to us without using any words at all.  In the simplest forms He communicates to us; however, sometimes what is most simple has such deep meaning. How can we have such a deep trust and love for someone we have never met or never seen? Trust is the key to this.Trust is all the Lord asks of us and He will watch and guide us along our journeys. I believe He has done this for me so far. I never question any more if the Lord is watching over me because I trust in His promise. He is always present even when you think He is not. Today’s scripture readings tell us this again, and with God in our lives we should fear nothing because He will always communicate to us that He is with us. He will always have our hand.


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